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Color Logic

Developed for brand managers, product managers, corporations and advertising agencies, the Process Metallic Color System gives its adopters the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients from the competition by simplifying the design and print production process and implementing eye-catching decorative effects into their branded products and associated collateral.



Image-FX™ is a photorealistic image separation algorithm which analyzes and calculates the required metallic effect for the different tonal regions of an image.


Color-Logic is the only commercially available color communication system for metallic substrates and metallic inks which takes into account the substrate, inks, press curves and coatings.


Color-Logic metallics and special effects are produced with only five inks: CMYK plus silver ink or CMYK plus white ink when printing on metallic substrates. When designing for foil or reflective substrates, the Color-Logic process eliminates the need to create awkward and time-consuming white ink masks!